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Softbazaar provides software licenses in Volume, OEM, BOX and Activation Keys in all software categories such as Development, Application Software, Operating Systems and Firmware etc. Also, we provides Website Solutions as Web Hosting, SSL Certificates, Professional Emails, Virtual Private Servers, Dedicated Servers in Cloud, Web development and designs, Domain Services like Domain registration, Transfer, bulk registration, Premium DNS, Domain brokerage etc. Apart from this we provides services in market for Refurbished Computers in wholesale and retail and Data Recovery.
Softbazaar began its business operations as a software licensing solutions and services with ecommerce marketplaces in 2018 as a startup with lot of experience of its employees in real market of IT industry.
Softbazaar is focusing exclusively in high quality and cost-effective software Licenses and implementation of services. We are advancing on a tremendous pace and with involvement of skilled and experienced people working in the organization. Softbazaar is currently doing business in digital market and all other sectors wherever software technology is implemented.Share with your friends:
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